Friday, 21 December 2012

Workshop with Linda Turner

The results of my day

I loved this Leaf design

This one was my favourite.

We all had such an enjoyable day , Linda is a good teacher.I thing everyone went home having worked on a few samples .I will keep the ones I have and use them later in a quilt -as -you -go. We were well supplied with tea and coffee by Betty and Margaret. Thank you girls.

To see more of Linda's work go to

                                 Happy Christmas  and a great New Year


Monday, 17 December 2012

Attleborough Town Light's

 Just some photo's of the light's around the town square, thy look much better in real life.

 I did not get a chance to see the' switch on ' as I was busy inside the town hall where I had my stall.
Once again the town was full of fair ride's and stall in the street as well as three hall's full of stall's.

The stall's in the town hall were all local crafter's, most return each year and have there same spot ,that way people know just where to look for there favourite smallholder.

Our Monthly fairs have come to an end for this year,we will be back in March/April date to be decided.

I have now put  the small amount of stock I have left away for next year and can concentrate on finishing my Christmas gifts.I will show the carry cot I have made my granddaughter later.


                                                      just some wild life

Long Tailed Tits
This is not very clear as it was taken through glass only 3 feet from my kitchen.
I had a flock of  long tailed tits come onto my feeders,the first time this year.It might be the only time this winter as I do not see them often.

      my next blog will be on a workshop I have been to run by Norfolk Quilters.
                 till then happy crafting.

Monday, 3 December 2012

And The Winner is


                                              The winner of the quilt raffle is number 18.

                                       I will make arrangement's to deliver the quilt to it's new owner. 

The last three fair days have been very busy and enjoyable.I have meet some very nice people,the quilt raffle was popular so I might do it again next year. Sale's have been good this week-end and only one more booked in before Christmas.Then it will be time to take stock and look to a rest as there is not much going on in the first part of the new year.

Now to get on the phone to let the winner know.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

St Andrew's Church ,Eaton, Norfolk, U.K.
There are not many Thatched Churches around but this one is looking very clean and tidy.I do not know when it was last thatched.The photo was taken from the car park when I had just arrived,  by the time I packed up it was raining  hard.

The Craft Fair is always well attended as the organisers do a large leaflet drop and it is next to a big well known supermarket. It was good to catch up with people I have not seen for a few years.Sale's went well,(still not made my fortune) but covered the day's cost.

Next week I have been asked to give a talk on my quilting and the quilts made for Project Linus by the different quilt groups. I have also been asked to submit a piece of fabric art for Breckland Art Trail exhibition to be hung in the local Library.

Then Friday evening  Craft fair   Old Buckenham School     7pm till 9pm
         Saturday          Craft fair   Shropham              Coffee morning
         Sunday   Attleborough Carnival and Lights              1pm till 5pm

We have been lucky here as we have no flooding , the wind is doing some damage but it is due to die down soon.( to strong to put the washing out).

I will close now, will give up dates next week.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Craft Fair in Eaton ( Norfolk )

I am off to Eaton, St Andre's Church Hall on Saturday to a craft fair. I have missed the last two years so am looking forward to meeting everyone again.  I think I will take this wall hanging now I have added the pole and cord to hanging it by.  St Andrew's  Church has a thatched roof and I will try and get a photo for my next blog.

The weather here wet so no chance to get my washing out for a blow or doing any tiding up in the garden. Most of the leaves are off the tree and shrubs and just the odd one left on the grape vine. I will spend time to day doing some knitting of my daughter's Christmas present. She has chosen it herself so as she follows my blog I can talk about it. Her blog is   Greetings from Guernsey .

The washing machine has now stopped so I will now go and hang it up to dry in doors.

                   by for now

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Autumn sun

                                The Silver Birch looked like gold so I just had to save the shot.

I have been very busy going out to craft fairs.There has not been much time for bloging.

    Sales are going well , I am glad I had made plenty of stock as time between fairs is so short.

On week-end soon I will be out three time in a row ,at three different places.
                             Good job it only happens at Christmas.

As you can see my garden still need tiding but I must be careful as the Hedgehog is still calling

by each night for food and I have no idea where it will be hibernating.

I must close now, lunch to get and more job to do.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lot's of Craft Fairs

I have been very busy over the last few week's.This was of my stall in Bunwell Church.As you can see we had our stall over the pew's so I have an Angel in the photo.


All my fair's have been successfully ,I am glad I made stock in advance.I have this week-end free before starting 2 or 3 fair's a week until mid December . 


My daughter and grandchildren have just been for a visit and we had a birthday party for my grandson, as he will be 4 yrs next week.Where dose the time go.    The next time thy will be up to visit it will be Christmas.
I just have a few presents left to make and others to buy.

The weather here has got colder and the night longer but we have nothing compared to the pour people of America .

                  The Hedgehog is still coming for food but the fish have slowed down in feeding.


                        My next craft fair will be at  Attlborough Town Hall on 8th October then

                               Wymondham Collage    Norfolk    on Saturday 10th October

                            I will try not to leave it so long before bloging again.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Autumn Colour's

The leaf's on my Purple Acer is starting to turn now.

Th Apple's on this tree are so sweet.

 My Daughter tells me thy will stay on the tree just getting redder.

This was her tree that came to me when she moved,

It was a patio tree ,in a pot, I have now planted it in the ground,

it has saved on the watering this year.

This Sunflower has grown from a seed that has fallen from the Bird feeder .

It would look nice if it was nearer to the Acer.

I am still picking my Autumn raspberry's,

The garden is in need of weeding and getting the been's

taken down and put in the compost bin.

For the last few years I have planted a Courgette in last years

compost bin and have had good results, this helps in the breaking

down of every thing and keeps the plant under control.

The plant tumbles down the outside and the fruit is easy to pick.


It is still raining so I have worked on a pattern and made two

purses , one is using the very last of the 2yd of apple fabric,

so I hope it sells, the other is for me.

I still have 3 of the spring fasteners from my shopping

at "Ally Pally"

I will us my purse for my change at Craft Fairs.

I think I will get on with my knitting now

and see what is on the T.V.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

something new for Christmas

I thought you might like to see my latest table runner i have added to the Christmas page of my blog.

The pattern was from an old book which I have adapted fro a wall hanging into a table runner .

I have also made different Advent calenders using panels I found at Hever Castle.

Now off to Apple Day.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Shopping trip

Just some of the good's from the Knitting & Stitching Show I went to last Friday.The weather when we arrived at Alexandra Palace as lovely and clear and the view over London was so good I could see the  "Shard " and "Canary Wharf " both very tall interesting buildings.

As I did not get to the Festival of Quilts this year I was pleased to see the winning quilts on show .There were three halls to look in ,one had the Graduates work on display.Very interesting.

One Quilt on display use 1" squares .     When my scraps get that small I give up .

On show as you walked in was work by the  Embroiderers' Guild and a Knitted Village .

I do wish I had taken my camera as there was no restrictions on most of the exhibits.  

In the main hall were all the trade stands, as you can see I did buy some thing but not fabric.  I have plenty.

I had a lovely day ,it has been a very busy week with fairs on Thursday and Saturday so now I get a chance 

to look at and use some of the thing I bought.

I will show you what ideas I come up with another time.

Happy Sewing

Friday, 5 October 2012

Apple Day at Gressinhall

 Just a few things ready for apple day.I now have just finished using up the 2yds of apple fabric I had.
 This is a Tea Cosy that can be left on when poring as the spout and handle are exposed.
Yet another bag.Hear I have used a small clip to secure the side pockets.

A close up of the clip,sorry it is a bit out of focus.

Gressinahall  is an old workhouse and is part of  Norfolk museum's.
If the weather is good there should be lots of visitors .

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

La Seigneurie Gardens

                                                   This is the gate into the garden .

                                              The stone work is of different coloured granite.
                                                 In side the walled garden it was divided into
                                                 4 ,each one different.
                                              We found our way to the centre of the maze
                                                and had to have the photo to prove it.
                                            This part of the garden was closed off.
                                        Just something, I did not know I do not know it purpose.

                                             This is a Dove cot, very ornate .

after leaving the gardens we then went on to Little Sark over A Very narrow land bridge.
This is looking down .

                                         We just had to find the Gold Post box this is for

                                    Carl Hester  gold in the dressage at the Olympics.
                                   A very nice lunch and a glass of wine at  Aval du Creux

                               before catching the boat back to St Peter Port.

               To see more on Sark go to

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Trip to Sark,Chanel Island

 I have just spent a week in Guernsey with my daughter.The First day we had a trip over to Sark.

 As we were waiting for our boat I took photos of some of the boat in the harbour.This sail boat was just leaving.Behind it you can see the life boat and the Ambulance boat .

The photo below is of The Barclay brother's Castle on an island , thy own a helicopter which thy  offer for Emergences on any of the island,s.

                                                            This is the light house on Sark.
                             There are lot of small rock around all the island's and can be a danger.

 Just coming into the small harbour  to disembark , before walking through a tunnel to get a ride to the top of  the hill.
 There are no car on Sark so the mode of transport is by Tractor,Horse and Cart or Bicycle.
We chose to bike around.It was a bit tough as I had not been on a bike for 20yrs .  The hire bike's are used by some many different people it was a bit difficult to get use to.We had a  hot Chocolate and Danish at
Victor Hugo boulangerie to get us started.

The Window in the Rock

 This is the view from the Window,a shear drop , it made me think why cut the hole,did someone
know the view was good.

 We carried on to  La Seigneuris Gardens .I have more photos for another blog but have to get some
housework done now.

Do pop by for more views of a fabulous island .

Friday, 21 September 2012

The Castle and Gardens at Hever

                          Here are some photos I can show you of the Castle at Hever in Kent.

                                                            Some of the topiary.

                                             There was only this lady dressed in costume.

                               Some of the plants in the Italian Garden and a view below
                                                       from the other side.

                                            Two views of the Tudor village built by Lord Astor.

                                        The covered way that joins the 100 rooms to the Castle
                                                             over the moat.

                                   As you can see the weather was lovely and sunny .

                                    I did not get to see all of the gardens and the lake so would 

                                   love to go back.It took 3hrs. to get there and 4hrs on a Friday

                                   night to get home.Very well worth the trip.To see more go to