Sunday, 25 November 2012

St Andrew's Church ,Eaton, Norfolk, U.K.
There are not many Thatched Churches around but this one is looking very clean and tidy.I do not know when it was last thatched.The photo was taken from the car park when I had just arrived,  by the time I packed up it was raining  hard.

The Craft Fair is always well attended as the organisers do a large leaflet drop and it is next to a big well known supermarket. It was good to catch up with people I have not seen for a few years.Sale's went well,(still not made my fortune) but covered the day's cost.

Next week I have been asked to give a talk on my quilting and the quilts made for Project Linus by the different quilt groups. I have also been asked to submit a piece of fabric art for Breckland Art Trail exhibition to be hung in the local Library.

Then Friday evening  Craft fair   Old Buckenham School     7pm till 9pm
         Saturday          Craft fair   Shropham              Coffee morning
         Sunday   Attleborough Carnival and Lights              1pm till 5pm

We have been lucky here as we have no flooding , the wind is doing some damage but it is due to die down soon.( to strong to put the washing out).

I will close now, will give up dates next week.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Craft Fair in Eaton ( Norfolk )

I am off to Eaton, St Andre's Church Hall on Saturday to a craft fair. I have missed the last two years so am looking forward to meeting everyone again.  I think I will take this wall hanging now I have added the pole and cord to hanging it by.  St Andrew's  Church has a thatched roof and I will try and get a photo for my next blog.

The weather here wet so no chance to get my washing out for a blow or doing any tiding up in the garden. Most of the leaves are off the tree and shrubs and just the odd one left on the grape vine. I will spend time to day doing some knitting of my daughter's Christmas present. She has chosen it herself so as she follows my blog I can talk about it. Her blog is   Greetings from Guernsey .

The washing machine has now stopped so I will now go and hang it up to dry in doors.

                   by for now

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Autumn sun

                                The Silver Birch looked like gold so I just had to save the shot.

I have been very busy going out to craft fairs.There has not been much time for bloging.

    Sales are going well , I am glad I had made plenty of stock as time between fairs is so short.

On week-end soon I will be out three time in a row ,at three different places.
                             Good job it only happens at Christmas.

As you can see my garden still need tiding but I must be careful as the Hedgehog is still calling

by each night for food and I have no idea where it will be hibernating.

I must close now, lunch to get and more job to do.