Saturday, 14 December 2013

Result of the Raffle

    The Mermaid Quilt      number 14

    The Hexagon Quilt      number  7

I have now finished Craft fair's until next year. I have a few projects in mind to start after Christmas but for now the machine must go a way as All the family are coming to stay. The grandchildren are already getting excited and talking about the large number of present Father Christmas left last year. It is good to have them all coming and it gives my mother something to look forward to.

Hear is wishing you all a Happy Holiday , and a peaceful New Year.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Ready for Santa

                I have just made 4 stocking to take to Thorpe Marriott on Saturday.

The Norfolk Quilters are holding  a Coffee morning where M.C will be selling thing she has made to rise funds for the Young Quilters ,her very good friend has agreed to help with the selling.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

little Christmas Trees

7" high Christmas Trees
 This is the Christmas tree's we taught the Norfolk Young Quilters  last month that I have made to put on my stall. This is a very busy time with three fairs at the week-end .I am raffling two of my Quilt's and hop to do so by Christmas.

                                      I hope you have all had a good week-end doing the thing you like.

Thursday, 31 October 2013


On a Tuesday once a month I go to an evening art group.
Most meetings we have a speaker but this month it as a workshop. 
This painting was done by copping a photograph.
The one below was a copy of a painting done by the artist.  

I think I need more practice as I have not used my paints in a long time. 
Perhaps I can use this idea to make a fabric picture from my trip to Guernsey. 
The bad storm that came through on Monday managed to miss this part of Norfolk. We just had strong wind for about an hour. Other parts of East Anglia did not fair so well ,with power lines down  and people still without power to-day ( 4 day later ) Luckily the weather is mild and the Red Cross now have mobile vans giving out hot drinks.
I will get my sewing machine going again to-morrow as I have plans for a new bag.
Watch this space.
Happy Halloween   

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas Crackers

                           The table runner now finished ready for Gressinhall on Sunday.

Gressinhall is an old Workhouse now run as a Museum and open on special days. This week-end it is  Apple Day . There are large orchard and people on hand that can name apple varieties .There are craft and food stall  and lots of apples.

Eight cracker in all
I have made eight fabric covered cracker and filled them with chocolate's I hope thy sell well.
I must now get my washing done as it is supposed to stay dry to day. 
Happy sewing

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Harvest of Quilts and Flowers

Flowers and Quilt at Carleton Rode Church by Bunwell Quilters and Rockland Flower club. Norfolk U.K. This is just some of the beautiful work on display last week-end.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Christmas Table mats

Yesterday along with two Penguins on ice advent calendars I made six table mats using printed panels. We are having a sales table at our Quilting groups coffee morning so I think I will take them there first before putting them on my stall.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

V.W. Camper van's

It is just amazing how much can be made  with just half a meter of fabric.
Key fob's ,Phone /coin /card purses  and the bags are ready for Apple Day
at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, 

                                         What to do with what was left ,put it on to shoppers.
                                                   Now I have nothing left.

                             Looking at my photos I think I might need a new camera ,perhaps put
                                   it on my Christmas list.

                            I am now working on making Advent Calendars ready for next month.

                         The Norfolk Young Quilter is going from strength to strength we now
                          have 15 girls . The stack and wack  cushion cover was not only mad but
                          Quilted all with time to spare, we have helper stay to supervise only.
                           The next meeting is hand sewing just to give them something different.

                          Next week M.C and I will be making shopper bags to sell at  coffee mornings
                           to raise money for more supply's   for the N,Y,Q.

                            Well back to the sewing machine  ,after a coffee.
                             have a good week end            

Monday, 9 September 2013

Using Jenny Rayment's book

                             This will form the side panel's of my Christmas table runner.

            The centre panel is made from squares of red or cream with squares of cream folded on the corners. The folded edge is then rolled and hand stitched in place.  The above is made from two strips of cream and a strip of red stitched with folded edges onto the red .I have stitched a bar at intervals so I can roll the edge  and stitch that down. These are all different elements from Jenny's book  ( Creative Tucks and Textures )   I will try and get more done this week but I have our Craft fair this week and Norfolk Young  Quilters an Saturday.

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Center of th new Christmas table runner

 This is the completed centre of the new table runner I demonstrated last week end . I will do some more this Saturday when I am at Rocklands Village hall .

                                Another new bag ,this design is very popular ,I make it in different sizes.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Guernsey, Candie Cemetery

A close up of the Flower above

 This is a very old cemetery , with some of the inscriptions of Men from England that were in regiments, as the three canons depict .

In Guernsey when a wife is entombed with her husband she is always given her maiden name.

The view below is from the cemetery looking to-ward  VICTORIA TOWER  built after Queen Victoria's visit to the Island . 

Monday, 2 September 2013

The winner of this Quilt is   number  36 I will b giving her a call to arrange for delivery.

2013 trip to Gurnsey around St Peter Port

Looking out to Castle Cornet

A view over the harbour , only one cruise ship in. 

Looking down over Candie  Gardens

Candie Gardens  with a hazy view of the see.

I have just had a lovely week in Guernsey  with my daughter ,the weather was beautiful and I spent lot of time walking around to see different places, this is just a few .I have more for another day.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Attlborough Festival

All set up for  the next two days. I have all ready started working  on a new Christmas Table runner and have my sewing machine set up to work with over the two days. There are a lot of stall with tombola's so I do not expect many sale's. The E.D.P. reporter has been and a list of stall holders ,including The Town Hall Crafters was made  of , along with our dates . It could give us some promotion .  Back again to-morrow .

Friday, 23 August 2013

Shropham dog show 2013

Shropham dog show is fast approaching. This year it is on Sunday 8th September there will be the craft stalls, vintage car's, and the tractor rally, lot's to see so make a date.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Attlborough Fstival

I am getting ready for the town festival 30th/31st/1st of August and September. I will be having a stall to sell as well as putting on a display. I plan to demonstrate making a Christmas table runner and this is the start.

There will be lots to see all around the town and ALL FREE. I will be in the Connaught Hall in station road  both days. If you are around pop in and say Hi , if not I will keep you up to date hear.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Nw Zealand cushion cover numbr 2

Finished at last.

                                               Hear it is with it's mate.

 I have spent the morning in the garden doing some weeding, this afternoon the forecast rain has arrived, so having nothing else planed I got on and finished the cushion cover I started months ago . All I had to do was the piping and put the back on. I love the Jenny Rayment pattern. I still have two more fat quarts to use,  just waiting for the right pattern for the fabric.   Another thing for  "show and tell on Thursday.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Iron Caddy

I found this pattern on the internet .It is great for going to class as you have your own pressing mat and easy to take you HOT iron home. I used a ready made pressing mat and added extra wadding before backing it. I will take it to my next quilting meeting for "show and tell".

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Little Ellingham show 3

The Little Ellingham vintage show was lovely , lots to see . There were demonstration of all the farm machinery working ,with ploughing competition. Heavy  horses ,Vintage Tractors, Vintage vehicle's.

The weather stayed fine both days, just a bit windy. We were glad to be in a marquee rather than our gazebo as I think it might just have taken off.

This was very worth going to, we will be back next year.  9/10 th August  2014

Monday, 12 August 2013

Little Ellingham Day 2

For some reason this video is galloping .
The Shire horses plod a long at a steady pace. some thing has happened when uploading.  

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Little Ellingham Show Day 1

Shepard's Hut 

Steam Engine

Old Threshing machine

Tractor , Harvester , and Bailer  

A Mini Steam Engine

                   This is from day 1 at the show , different thing to-morrow .
                           Off to bed now it has been a long day.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Little Ellingham Vintage show

                                   Off to two more craft event.

To-morrow our Fair in Attleborough Town Hall we have Story Time for young children as it is the school holidays. The two books are written and read by Karen Clark with illustrations by Paula Hickman.

This week-end and Leafy and I will be at Little Ellingham Vintage show. An event we have not done before so not certain on the number of people it attracts, it is on for the whole week-end .

I have just tried to remove some marks made on some of my work ,I hope it works   or I will have to sell at half price. Why do people not own up ?? O.K. enough of the whining .

My runner beans are doing well as is the trumpet vine , you can just see one of the beans .

 The trumpet vine I first found growing in West Vancouver next door to a place my Uncle and Aunt took me for Coffee at   The Bread Garden  .

The flower only last about a day .
But as you can see there are plenty to come.
Off to put up posters in the town for our Craft Fair to-morrow .
Have a good day and pop back soon.