Sunday, 30 September 2012

Trip to Sark,Chanel Island

 I have just spent a week in Guernsey with my daughter.The First day we had a trip over to Sark.

 As we were waiting for our boat I took photos of some of the boat in the harbour.This sail boat was just leaving.Behind it you can see the life boat and the Ambulance boat .

The photo below is of The Barclay brother's Castle on an island , thy own a helicopter which thy  offer for Emergences on any of the island,s.

                                                            This is the light house on Sark.
                             There are lot of small rock around all the island's and can be a danger.

 Just coming into the small harbour  to disembark , before walking through a tunnel to get a ride to the top of  the hill.
 There are no car on Sark so the mode of transport is by Tractor,Horse and Cart or Bicycle.
We chose to bike around.It was a bit tough as I had not been on a bike for 20yrs .  The hire bike's are used by some many different people it was a bit difficult to get use to.We had a  hot Chocolate and Danish at
Victor Hugo boulangerie to get us started.

The Window in the Rock

 This is the view from the Window,a shear drop , it made me think why cut the hole,did someone
know the view was good.

 We carried on to  La Seigneuris Gardens .I have more photos for another blog but have to get some
housework done now.

Do pop by for more views of a fabulous island .

Friday, 21 September 2012

The Castle and Gardens at Hever

                          Here are some photos I can show you of the Castle at Hever in Kent.

                                                            Some of the topiary.

                                             There was only this lady dressed in costume.

                               Some of the plants in the Italian Garden and a view below
                                                       from the other side.

                                            Two views of the Tudor village built by Lord Astor.

                                        The covered way that joins the 100 rooms to the Castle
                                                             over the moat.

                                   As you can see the weather was lovely and sunny .

                                    I did not get to see all of the gardens and the lake so would 

                                   love to go back.It took 3hrs. to get there and 4hrs on a Friday

                                   night to get home.Very well worth the trip.To see more go to


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hever Castle,Kent,U.K

The Chairwoman of the quilt group I go to arranged a trip to Hever Castle, to see the quilt exhibition put on by Region 2 of the quilters guild.I had taken lot of lovely photos to share with you but on reading the program I can not use them  (on websites or in Magazines ) with out the makers permission.As not all the makers were there I have not been able to get there consent.There were some stunning quilt , hand and machine quilted ,brightly coloured and pastel ones all made with great care.Out side there were Kites spinning  the wind and a Tudor quilted Gown in white.

Perhaps the photos will get put onto a site from the Guild.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Shropham Dog Show

Shropham Dog Show

The weather could not have been better.The sun shone  all day.

Hear are two of the dog, the one on the Right go a first and I think

the one on the left got one in a different class.

There is also a Tractor rally that goes out to the next village

for  a pub lunch.

Just two of the tractors.

One had a Lady driver can you guess ?????

There were not the number of craft stall this year.

The weather was so bad last year may be thy

decided to give it a miss or is it people are not spending

so the crafter's are also saving there money.

This next week I am in Attleborough, We have some Crafter's on Holiday

so have some Guest stall.

Gt Ellingham & district flower club are holding a craft fair on Saturday 15th

at Rockland's Village Hall  10-30am  till 3pm

if your around pop in.

Norfolk Young Quilters

There were Three young quilter for the first meeting. Some of the children could not make it.

The morning was spent making a needle case using   Stitch and Flip .One of the girls had only started to hand sew in the past to weeks and never used a sewing machine.First off she used an old hand machine and then with constant supervision an electric machine .
After lunch one girl had gone home to a party , the two that were left made a small bag to keep scissors and other thing in next to there machines.
There are other days planed and hopefully more children will join.

more information on the Norfolk Quilters web site  

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ready for A Cot or Wall hanging

                                                  This is the finished heart quilt.

I am now working on the new computer and trying to fine my way around it and get to things I want.

As yet I have not found out how to get things back from a USB stick.

The weather is good for all this week so I must spend time getting the garden sorted out.The weeds have taken over and the shrubs have over whelmed things.I must get up the last of my potatoes and get them stored.The week-end is taken up with quilting and craft fair.

If you are around Norfolk,   Shropham Dog show starts at 10am. There are old Tractors and lots of different stall as well as Art in the hall.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

using an old laptop

I am using my daughters old laptop as my new computer is not up and running yet.There will be no photos until thing are sorted out.On Tuesday I went to a very interesting talk given by Malcom Cudmore on art using Coloured Pencils,hop over to to see his work.Wednesday was spent with Jane Clark learning how to print photos onto fabric.I am going to use this to make a memory quilt over the years for my Grandchildren.Saturday was Old Buckenham Fate were I meet a lot of people I had not seen for a very long time.Next Saturday I will be at a quilting day with Norfolk Young Quilters and Sunday it is Shropham Dog Show.The weather for the week-end looks good so hopefully there well be lot of people out and about .

I will close now as the engineer has just call to say he is on his way