Sunday, 29 April 2012


I have just submitted my cushion to the Quilters Gallery weekly competition.
PLEASE vote for me.

Joanne Mitchell pattern

            I have just finished the Mountain Daisy pattern by Joanne Mitchell of New Zealand.

           I have been asked to put something extra into our exhibition on June so as this is now finished

              this will be there.So now I will start work on some orders for 3 bags I have.

               The weather is still wet and windy so staying in to sew is great.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Coffee morning

                                        Cat Mania made by Cerys a 11yr old Young quilter.

It was machine quilted by Jennifer Huish with Cerys hand finishing the binding.

There were a large number of quilters at the coffee morning held in Attleborough Town Hall by the Norfolk


The sales table was very busy with lot to buy. I managed to get fabric a  very good price

    and buttons that matched.

                                                 This was another show and tell.

                        The lady that made this also made another quilt with Koi carp printed fabric.

                                                   Both were stunning.

    Linda Turner showed her latest wall hanging ,the photo on her blog dose not do it justest

       Hope over to her blog at .

Friday, 27 April 2012


Just a quick catch up on the Wrens nest.
Sadly the nest box's was knocked of the fence,
probably by one of the cats that are visiting my garden.
Two eggs smashed , I do not know if thy will start a gain.
I have re positioned the box so I just hope it is not to late.

I am off to Norfolk Quilters coffee morning to-morrow so
will blog after.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Change of thread

With the change of thread I have been able to get different colour into the work.There is more yellow in the Madeira thread.

The photo is not very good as it is suffering from the flash.When I have finished I will take photos else- where .

I will leave this for now and go and get new battery's for my camera .

Mountain Daisy of New Zealand

This the start of the Mountain Daisy  pattern by Joanne Mitchell from my New Zealand book.

I have used some of the fabric my daughter bought back.

I have stared to Applique using King Tut thread but my next choice might be

I will go and cook my dinner and come back to this later.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Apple day

I have just booked a stall at Gressinhall farm and workhouse museum, for there Apple day in October.
Some time off yet but have made some book cover and shopping bags.I will have time now to make more
items apple unrelated

I have been putting in my potatoes ( a bit late but thy will catch up ).The weather is still cold but dry this morning so I have put washing out to get dry.

If the rain holds of for to-morrow I will try and cut the grass.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Two days of fairs

I have just had two days at different fairs.As it is the school holidays there were not many family's around.
All I can think family's are away, perhaps trying to find some SUN.I did sell a baby quilt to-day.

Winter has returned with April showers.A few nights of frost ,so I just hope the flower buds on the apple tree and fig tree do get nipped.The fig tree is in its second year and has 6 fig buds so I hope to have my own fresh figs this year.

I hope it will stay dry to-morrow so I can cut the grass.

The birds are nesting and the wren has made a nest in a box I have right near my kitchen window.
If I can I will try for a photo sum time.

Now I think I will take a look at my new book.

It will be good hear from you as to what you are up to.

Happy sewing

Presents from New Zealand

I thought I would show you the gift my daughter gave me on her return from her family trip.

As her husband is from New Zealand the four of them spent Christmas over there.

Thy had three months to do some touring and of course Family stuff,what an adventure

for a 3year old.

I will think long and hard as to what to make as I do not want to mess it up.

The book may give me inspiration,I have not looked at it yet as the all my family have been hear for Easter

as it was also my Mothers 90th birthday.

Monday, 9 April 2012


I have just been given a lap-top to play with so I thought I would have a go at my blog.
There will be no photos as thy are on my main computer.
I can use this to catch up with the blogs I follow and emails when the grandchildren are hear sleeping in my
work /sewing/bed room.

I am very busy next week with 2 fairs so will catch up when I can.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter.

Monday, 2 April 2012

What a Jolly

 Last week we did not manage to get shopping.

So off we went to-day down to Suffolk to

Quilters Haven.I was very good NO fabric but

I was tempted by a Free -motion machine quilting book

and a yo-yo maker that makes Butterfly's.

Then it was time for lunch.

This is a place we have been to before but is now just around the

corner from Quilters Haven.

The cakes we did not have, they all looked good.

   All homemade .

The Sat Nav bought us home through Eye and there just happens to be a

FABRIC shop.

Well need I say more .

The credit cards came out a gain and more fabric added to the stash.

A good day was had by all

now to make some butterfly's.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I have just read cats and copyright over on Ferrets site.  what a minefield.I think this needs to
be passed on
may be it will find someone with an answer.