Sunday, 13 April 2014

No Quilting to-day

I have just made my granddaughter two dresses for her birthday. All the family will be hear for Easter Sunday tea  so we will make it a party for her. Just a few days early but I will be on holiday on the actual day. I think she will get a lot of wear from the dresses as thy will have Christmas in New Zealand with her other grandparents . Two summers.

I will have to get all the beds clear of fabric and put the machine away but to day as the sun is out I must get the grass cut.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Two new Tote bags

I have had a very busy time . The Norfolk Young Quilters have been very active with two workshops making the OWL book cover , as the first one was over subscribed . Last  weekend we were selling fabric ( unsuitable for quilting )at Norfolk Quilters coffee morning.  M.C. and I have had a day cutting out 18 kits for the next Y.Q. workshop in June as well as sorting some fabric for the one in August .

I am also trying to sort out my Mothers bungalow , deciding where thing will go ( to my girls ,storage ,or for sale )

I just had to have my FIX of sewing .Back to my stack for more inspiration and this is the result as well as some for Christmas  but I will leave them for later.

Now to get ready to go and celebrate my Mothers 92nd birthday this afternoon.