Thursday, 31 October 2013


On a Tuesday once a month I go to an evening art group.
Most meetings we have a speaker but this month it as a workshop. 
This painting was done by copping a photograph.
The one below was a copy of a painting done by the artist.  

I think I need more practice as I have not used my paints in a long time. 
Perhaps I can use this idea to make a fabric picture from my trip to Guernsey. 
The bad storm that came through on Monday managed to miss this part of Norfolk. We just had strong wind for about an hour. Other parts of East Anglia did not fair so well ,with power lines down  and people still without power to-day ( 4 day later ) Luckily the weather is mild and the Red Cross now have mobile vans giving out hot drinks.
I will get my sewing machine going again to-morrow as I have plans for a new bag.
Watch this space.
Happy Halloween   

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas Crackers

                           The table runner now finished ready for Gressinhall on Sunday.

Gressinhall is an old Workhouse now run as a Museum and open on special days. This week-end it is  Apple Day . There are large orchard and people on hand that can name apple varieties .There are craft and food stall  and lots of apples.

Eight cracker in all
I have made eight fabric covered cracker and filled them with chocolate's I hope thy sell well.
I must now get my washing done as it is supposed to stay dry to day. 
Happy sewing

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Harvest of Quilts and Flowers

Flowers and Quilt at Carleton Rode Church by Bunwell Quilters and Rockland Flower club. Norfolk U.K. This is just some of the beautiful work on display last week-end.