Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Of to the Olympics

 Having made the dog and wellington bag I was asked to make one in apple fabric for

Sandra of Ashill Fruit Farm.

I have added extra pockets as this bag is off to the Olympic's with her.

We use to meet at a market that has now closed due to lack of village support.

Sandra also wanted this bag to take to markets to hold different things on her stall.

I will make some more bag's for Apple Day at Gressinhall  in October.

I do not know what design I will do yet.


The Weather hear can not decide if it is summer yet as we are fast approaching the longest day.

The rain however has put a stop to the hosepipe ban and thing are growing fast including the weeds.

I now need another project to start maybe that jelly roll????

Till next time enjoy what ever you are doing

Sunday, 10 June 2012

And The Winner is .................

Joint 3rd

Joint 3rd



The result of the Chairman's challenge.

Squares AND ,OR triangles 15x15in.

This challenge was judged by our visitors and only one or two

votes separated all four.

We also held a bag raffle,where a ticket is put into the bag of your choice.

That and the other raffle was drawn so there are some very happy

people to-day.

My next blog will be of the quilt.

Just Some of the wonderful work

Half of the Bag raffle 

This is a beautiful piece of work I just could not do it justice.

Friday, 8 June 2012

The BIG raffle

The Big Quilt raffle was drawn Last night after the talk by Lynne Edwards.It was won by someone in the room so went on its way last night.Lynne as usual was very entertaining.She bought along some of the quilt she has purchased from other quilt makers as well as some from her student that are  in her new book.
I have photos of some of the quilt on show and will post them when I have a chance to see what has been posted by City Krafters on her blog.Of to Great Hockham to the Farmers Market before going back to the Exhibition. 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Exhibition Time Again

                                    This Quilt was donated partly made at our last exhibition.

                                                                It is now a raffle prize.

                                           I look forward to seeing any one, I will be there late Friday pm

                                          and again after I have been to Great Hockham Farmers Market.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Two Different days

All most ready.

Three off the Attleborough Town Hall Crafters

We had booked to have a stand at Pensthorpe garden and craft  fair.

We were hoping for good weather and it did stay dry.  When the

sun came out sun cream was needed.In fact Matt had his neck burnt.

By the end of the day Alffie had had enough.
( the Beagle )

The hand sewing machine created a lot of interested,

more than the things on my stall.

I did finish the bag so had to find some hand work to do

for the next day.

All done

Well the next day  was wet, ALL day but not quite as heavy as

thy had in London.

I now have got every thing dry and ready for the next outing

with the gazebo in two weeks time to Hockwold. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Wren Up Date

Just Fledged
Number 1

Number 2
Number 3
                                                            Number 4

                                I have tried to video but can not down load as you can see.
                                As I was at my garage trying to get the gazebo dry there was
                                such a noise I just had to investigate .I was just in time to see
                                number 1 then 2,3,and 4.It was lovely to see them as thy
                                                   lined up on the fence.

                                Thy hung around until I got my camera
                                                  My neighbour has
                                  given me a photo of one on his finger.

                                   I will come back to a wet time at Pensthorpe.


Friday, 1 June 2012

Just arived

I have just subscribed to Sewing World and this was a free gift.I am not a fan of Jelly rolls but I will not look a gift horse in the mouth.
Watch this space to see what I make.

The weather is not so good to-day I just hope it gets better for tomorrow and the rest of the Bank holiday as so meany things are going on.

The Pageant on the Thames looks a lot of fun for anyone that can get along, I will have to watch on T.V.

I had better stop wittering on and do some work. 

The Diamond Jubilee Window

                                    The stained glass window is now up in the library for all to see.

                                    There were three peoples work went into this.

                                    The group  involved at the library is call " In Stitches " it is to
                                    meet and exchange skills.