Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Challenge

The Challenge was to make a bag with straps long enough
to use as a back-pack for dog wakling.

I hope this shows the d-rings that will lengthen
              the straps.It took nearly 4hr but I am pleased with the result.

The change in the hour will take getting use to as it will soon be time to pull the curtains and put the food out for the Hedghog.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Grandson's Birthday

This year my Grandson's favourite Fireman Sam so out came the knitting needles. I hope he likes it.

My next fair is on Sunday 6th November at Wretham, Norfolk.10am till 4pm.
We were very busy last year so hoping for the same this year.

The First Christmas Fair

                         The first time this year I have started to take out Christmas stock.
                              I am now starting fairs one or two a week ,the advent calendar's
                               only have this month to sell.
                                     My coasters have sold well and some are on there way to Germany.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Computer now fixed

Both table centres are the same block using different
colour ways.

            I have just had the computer fixed so now hope it will do a spell check before I publish.
             It would not let my edit yesterday.
            Hears hoping.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Region 9

I have just spent a very inspirational day with the quilter's of the Quilters Guild region 9.The morning talk was given by Annette Morgan showing us her Contemporary Quilts and the presses she goes through to get the end result she is happy with. this might mean making, then cutting up ,rearranging.Annette also uses,s dying and painting in her work.

After lunch and shopping Jill Sharpe tock us on the journey from her first sewing of a sampler to her C&G Patchwork and Quilting to her BA degree from Norwich University college of Arts.

I did not manage to resist buying fabric as there was Dog fabric I kneed for a comintion and a piece I thorght would go for the work on a Gurnesy pice I have in mind.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Off to Gt Hockham

I am off to Gt Hockham on Saturday for the monthly Market.There is a lot of lovely food all very tempting.There are one or two craft stalls as well and we get regulars every time.
The fair last we was quite good as it was a new venue.The weather was quite hot all week and I was able to sit in the garden and read, now it is cooler I must get on with tidying up before the Christmas fairs start.I am sewing a few table centers and will photograph them for later.

Time for a cupper now.