Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Back from a two day fair

I am now back from the two days at North Elmham.I managed to finish the Red Heart quilt as there was only the binding to do.I have tried to get the photo on but it is going very slow.I have meet some interesting people and hear are there web sites.



I will try and blog another time.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Great fun had by all

The weather could not have been better for my grandchildrens weeks holiday.Near to where I live is a Aquatic center with pet shop.( a bit like a mini zoo) This Giant Tortoise had the children fascinated ,going in and out of his house.My grandson also loved looking at some small snakes .We went there to buy some gold fish for my pond,and came home with 5, all different .

A couple of days were spent at the beach,there are some lovely quiet sand ones in Norfolk.Just small shops for ice cream,tea and of course the LOOs.

It is very quiet now thy have gone home.
To-morrow it is quilting at my local group and all our machines are being P>A>T  tested so I have got the Red Hart quilt ready for hand sewing on the Quilt-as-u-go.

I am at a two day Festival at the week-end and will do some more to the quilt then.It creates interest for people to see you working and proves your the maker and it has not been imported.

There will be lot of thing going at North Elmham,Norfolk. The weather should be O.K. hears hoping for lot of sales.       
                                       I hope you all have a good week - end.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

24 sailing boats

                         The finished quilt , just as the Olympic's finish to-day.The Red Heart one is ready for

                      machining but I will put it on hold as my Grandchildren are coming to stay.

                                   The quilt is 36" x 24" it will fit a cot or can be made into a wall hanging.


                             The weather is good to-day so time to spent in the garden this morning

                            digging a few potatoes for dinner. That will leave some ground free for a 3yr old

                              to find the ones I have missed .
                                 enjoy your week

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Joining Quilt as you go

 The joining of two blocks using two strips of fabric on the front and back.
 The front is single thickness and the back is double.The front is machined together with half of the back which is then folded over and hand stitched in place.   
 Once all the single  blocks are join into rows the same process is used to join the rows.
Once this is completed the binding is put on using a similar method.

I will show you the finished quilt before I start on the Red one.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Washed out before it started

Wayland Show was called off Saturday night due to a flooded field that got contaminated A bit disappointing as so much money is raised for charity. I had got one step ahead by loading my car so as not to wake the people living next door.  My  next day is Thursday in Attlebrough our usual monthly Craft Fair.  I now have a  few days to sew...........

Shadow Quilting

I have now shadow quilted around the boats and I will use Lynne Edwards quilt as you go method to join the blocks together.I will show you that in my next blog as I am off for a swim ( not been for weeks )I will never be an Olympic swimmer.All for now.

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hand applique I am doing as I watch the Olympics

there are 24 blocks in all and thy will go into a quilt.

I then decided there ought to be one for a Boy as the red looked

as it would be suitable a Girl .

I will have to find something new to start next week .

Almost finished.

So have a good week regardless of the weather. 

Friday, 3 August 2012

A bundle of Bags

I have just been making bags ready for Sunday at Wayland Show and two will be ready for Apple Day in October.

   Wayland show   is one of the largest agricultural show in Norfolk U.K.

I just hope the weather will not stop people coming as there are lots of this going on in the show rings

There is not much chance for me to see anything as I have no one to mind my stall.

I am hoping for some good sales and have all ready had an order via the internet to be collected there.

Last week the bag with wellington boots and watering cans went to a new home through the post.

I might try internet sales can anyone recommend a site???