Sunday, 28 July 2013

Young Quilters

This is the work of the Young Quilters.
Thy worked really well to make the cushion covers  in a day.
The Jasmine my daughter gave me is flowering well this year  I just wish you could smell it.

              We Have had two day with some rain so it has cooled down a bit.

 Last week end when at a Craft fair I was asked if I had any Kindle covers. That evening I just had to try one to take back the next day to se if it worked before making any to sell. This is the sample, what do you think. The cost over the internet would not sell at Craft Fairs I go to, so I will have to keep the price down.

I have been busy this last week Teaching at our Quilt group, Young Quilter and going to a workshop. To day has been spent staring on some blinds for a friends conservatory and a bit of gardening.   I am now of to make myself some English pancakes for my tea.
I hope you all have a good week and get the thing done you want to do.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wrong date given

I have just found out I have been given the wrong date for a craft fair. Brooklyn House booked me in for a fair back in March and sent a confirming e-mail. I waited for the follow up e-mail which did not turn up, so called in to day only to find out the date had been changed to last week. There were about 5 stall holders from our group that had not ben informed. As you can imagine I was quite cross as I could have perhaps booked some thing else .I now have a Saturday afternoon to sew for next week.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Attleborough Carnival

                                Just some of the float at this years Attleborough Carnival.

There were quite a few people and the fun fair appeared to be very busy. Sale were not great , I had interest in the quilt raffle  but not enough to finish it off. Luckily I am out again next week-end so will try again,it is a double quilt so at £1 a go there are a lot of numbers. 

This is the first picking of my Blueberry's and a few Strawberry's .I can only grow the Blueberry's in pot's  as my soil is not suitable. With this hot ,dry spell of weather we are having I need to water every day. I have been on a water meter for some 20yrs so only my food gets watered and I save grey waters as well.

I am not doing much sewing at the moment just a bit of mending.

Off to do my lunch ,new potatoes,   lettuce, and blueberry's all from the garden.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hanging basket

One of my £10 hanging basket

One of my new make

A set of new coasters

                          I had a good time a this years Teddy Day , I was nice and cool as the craft was in the Church. One of my bags is heading to America, that make 3 in all to have gone that way.
 To-day at Attleborough Carnival it might be a bit different as we are in a Marque .There will be all the Floats arriving after driving through the town at about 1am but I will set off soon to get set up. I  hope to finish selling raffle ticket for a large quilt to-day.

We are having a heat wave, I hope you are enjoying your weather what ever you are having.

                     happy sewing

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Norfolk Young Quiltrs

        This is a photo of the bags made at this months  workshop for Norfolk Young Quilters as well as a wall hanging made by on of the more experienced girls. Seven girls and helpers came along and worked very hard and all were pleased with their bags. 

I have spent the morning in the garden putting the netting over my Blueberry's before the bird get use to them getting ripe . My Peony's might go over if the forecast rain arrives over night. Thy  do put on a rather good  show and the sent is lovely .


Now for the next photo of my cushion cover.
Now pined ready to mitre the corners before putting on the batting and quilting.

                           If you have just popped by please say Hi and the country you live in.
                          Enjoy the rest of your week.