Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Sun has got his hat on .....................

 I just love it when I can start eating things from the garden.This the first, along with new potatoes for my dinner.I have now netted the blueberry's but not the raspberry's as thy are latter fruiting.I now have enough blueberry's to put a pot in the freezer.   
Raspberry  'Joan'


The weather is due to change again just in time for the opening of the Olympic  games.I will  try to get the garden  in shape before then and get a little hand work ready to do in front of the T.V.
Sunday 5th August and I will be at Wayland Show.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Woad Centre

I have spent time looking around the woad exhibition  at Beetley,Dereham in Norfolk.   The above I have copped from there leaflet , I hope you can enlarge it enough to read in. I found it very interesting, as to how much of the plant is used in different ways.Well worth the trip.I might treat myself to a Dying Day .


The weather is much in proved so now it is time to get the garden tided while the sun shines.
I hope you are all getting the weather you want,as there are parts of the world the are in more trouble than England.
    Enjoy your week.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jelly roll 1

                                                I have made a start on the jelly roll with this bag.

                                             With is one I have added a zip to fasten.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Post 161 Teddy Day

Just some of the 100's of Teddy's to be won.

All found new home's


Ted came with me in his ALL BLACK's

There are two sleepy people next to him.

I had made some other clothe's for Teddy's and Doll's
some can be seen next to Ted.

I had one table with my quilt on and bag's on another.


Fireman Ted.

The Fire engine was out in the car park ready for action.

The children were able to have a good look and go inside.

There were lot of  game's and thing  on the field

as well as Teddy Bear's picnic and teddy zip wire.


After a long day Ted and Dolly decided to have time-out in the Den.

Thy did not have time to go to the picnic.

Time now for me to get on with some housework as when we get the next DRY

day, it will have to be spent in the garden.

the weed's just love all this rain.

by for now.

Friday, 13 July 2012

A little Dying

 I have spent an afternoon on a dying course.

This was the result but I have now lots more idea's .

Some year's ago a friend and I had talked about

going to but never made it.

Now this friend is talking about taking another friend

                                                                                  of hers, so I have decided to go next week anyway.

                                                                                   I will let you know what it is like.


                                                                                   Hear is another bag completed for an order

                                                                                    and has now flown to it's new home.
                                                                                  As part of the quilting I have added  machine      

                                                                                 free hand  butterfly's.



                            This Saturday I am of to TEDDY DAY  at Great Ellingham Norfolk .

I just hope the weather is kind.

If it rain's next week it will be a good excuse to stay in and sew.

all for now

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ready for Teddy Day

Football Kit's for Teddy's

I have made 3 different size's in Norwich City colour's.

                                          Then 2 different sized dresses and aprons for Teddy's.

                                    I have made a Cheerleader's outfit and long top and trousers for a doll.

                                 I will be taking my Grandson's Teddy in his ALL BLACK'S rugby kit.

                                 We just need it to stay dry as this is a great day out for all the family.
                                       Saturday   14th July   from mid day.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Holiday makes

The Day I arrived in Devon it was lovely and sunny,so much I got a bit burnt sitting in my friends garden.

The weather went down hill after that.

We had a few wet days but that did not stop us from going out.

On our trip to Exeter we got rely wet and some lady were out in just sandals.

As I stay with friend I take some craft work to do so I took this Red work

and some knitting ready for Teddy Day in Great Ellingham on the 14th July.

I will show you them when I have finished them.     

This is just the right size to use as a mat under my sewing machine.

Do pop by again, I love all you comments .