Sunday, 30 September 2012

Trip to Sark,Chanel Island

 I have just spent a week in Guernsey with my daughter.The First day we had a trip over to Sark.

 As we were waiting for our boat I took photos of some of the boat in the harbour.This sail boat was just leaving.Behind it you can see the life boat and the Ambulance boat .

The photo below is of The Barclay brother's Castle on an island , thy own a helicopter which thy  offer for Emergences on any of the island,s.

                                                            This is the light house on Sark.
                             There are lot of small rock around all the island's and can be a danger.

 Just coming into the small harbour  to disembark , before walking through a tunnel to get a ride to the top of  the hill.
 There are no car on Sark so the mode of transport is by Tractor,Horse and Cart or Bicycle.
We chose to bike around.It was a bit tough as I had not been on a bike for 20yrs .  The hire bike's are used by some many different people it was a bit difficult to get use to.We had a  hot Chocolate and Danish at
Victor Hugo boulangerie to get us started.

The Window in the Rock

 This is the view from the Window,a shear drop , it made me think why cut the hole,did someone
know the view was good.

 We carried on to  La Seigneuris Gardens .I have more photos for another blog but have to get some
housework done now.

Do pop by for more views of a fabulous island .

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