Thursday, 7 March 2013

Post 200

With a change in our weather thing in the garden have come on.I have not had time to sew as the ground is just right to do a bit of weeding.I have only spent the mornings out side as I can over do things and pay for it the next day. 

The tree that is the "Den"

When I was taking this by my pond I did spot a pair of frogs.

This was a day before in my front garden.

Just a bit of sunshine for you to enjoy, it just lifts the sprites.

Enjoy your week-end what ever you are doing.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hand Quilting using Embroidery stichs

                                                 The start of a very inspiring day.

Margaret started the day showing us some of her work then in small groups she went through each stitch for us then to try.We were given work sheets with good, clear instructions to take home.

At times the room went very quiet as everyone concentrated on trying to get the stitches right.
We were a larger group than normal but by splitting us into smaller numbers Margaret could show us and this is some of the results.

Our finished samples

We all had a good day and would like more.

This is the sample Margaret had done to show the sample stitches.

I have been to Margaret's Twin needle work shop and found her to be an exultant teacher.

Now I must make time to put every thing I have learnt into practice.

Not enough hours in the day.