Thursday, 18 April 2013

Busy making this week

Hoping  you all had a good week.

 I have managed to get some Baby hooded towels and appliquéd a dolphin on to the hood .Last week I appliquéd onto some baby bibs and sold them . I hope the towel's do as well next time.

 Next I found this dog fabric and put together two quick shoppers. The bag can go inside out and have the pockets on the inside, as I have used French seams. 

 Having gone through my stash I found some more  fabric and once in the mind for sewing I just had to get on with making more bags.I do have a three day Fair at the end of May  so  hopefully will need a lot of stock. The three have come up different shapes due to the  fabric I had, the 6 pockets on the outside can be very useful. One suggestion was as a craft bag .

                                                I now wait for the next inspiration.

                                                 Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

 Well I have not been on holiday but looking after my Mother as she has been quit ill , with two spells in hospital. As she is now back to normal I will catch up.

                          Hear are two bag I have made for stock with a few good fairs coming in the summer.

I have had time to-day to get my grass cut as the weather has turned a corner.
There are signs of spring as there are now 16 frogs in my small pond.
The fish are now feeding and the Hedgehog has made it's return.
Now I have to get ready for our monthly Town Craft fair , putting up banners ,buying milk for the coffee and getting the table plan for the caretaker and picking up the key.
  We have two new stall holders this month as well as a free competition for children   ( thy are still on Holiday )
I will soon have to get going with designing and making some new bags. 

                   I am just going to enjoy the nice day, enjoy your's.