Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Bags ready for the week-end

I found this fabric in Jarrolds in
Norwich and knew just the bag
I wanted to make using it.

This bag is very like the Cat
one I made ,this time I have
it with a shoulder strap and
an out side pocket.

When I spotted this fabric I
just knew to make bags for
the two days this week-end.

Along with two other crafters
from The Town Hall Crafters
of Attleborough,Norfolk
I will be attending
Pensthorpe gardens


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


As I am demonstrating at Pensthorpe
I have got together a kit to make
Christmas Cones.It has taken a while
to write up the instructions.

Then when I went to print I
needed more black ink.

Job for tomorrow.

I will also take some hand sewing
but have not thought what yet.
Still have a few days yet.

Machine hexagons

It was a bit over cast to-day and I think

we had some rain over night.

As I was up early I decided to finish this

quilt whilst waiting for a friend to arive.

It is a realy nice and easy pattern and now I

have thought of some other ways of putting

it together to make different patterns.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Garden

A view from my bedroom.
this is all a month early,
I think May is my favorite

It is also my birth month.
Do's this apply to anyone else?

Macmillan care 100th Anniversary

A new stile of bag i have made this week.

I will take it along with the other new one's

to the Big craft fair on Sunday for the

Macmillan Care.

This will be the third fair this week.

Both side's of the bag are different and was

made using fat 1/8 so very little left over


Friday, 6 May 2011

Time flys when you have fun

I have had a lovely day making 2 bags.
The bright,fun bag did not take to long.
I have put 3 pockets inside.

The cat bag is heavily quilted
and uses pipping around the edge
to join it so making it reversible.
I think I will make this stile of bag

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What to do with a block made at a workshop

The block of the chick was made
using foundation piecing.I have
a problem with not alowing enough
enough fabric. As we had a demo
from one of our quilting group I
though I could do with the pratice.
I then dacided to use the rest of my
Baby scraps to make a small cover for
a car seat or buggy.

Befor my Daughter moved I
used her dye cutter to cut the
Butterflys out.I had the idae
to make post cards, one of which
I have sent her.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What a Show

Plants I just Love thy just make such a show and
are fragrant two

this one is just outside my bedroom so I

can just open the patio doors and let the

fragrance in.

Thy are flowering at least 3weeks early

and things are growing well but we have

had no rain for over a month now.

Good for getting the washing dry.

Best I do the ironing now.