Monday, 27 February 2012

110 blocks next step

I have finished the quilt top just as I finished the CD's of " The Help "

This is now on the living room flour ready for the next step.

Now to crawl a round putting in the pins.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

time in the garden

 Some of the snowdrops.The pot have blueberry's in,I do not have the right soil to plant them in the ground.

The brown leafs in the background are covering a Hedgehog house,I do not know if some one is sleeping there.

This next photo is looking at the snowdrops in front of a tree that is my Grandson's den when it is in leaf.

I have had a good 2 hrs work in the garden to-day and have got half of it tided ,the rest can wait for another

              I just had to start to put together some of the 110 block.

      Now it is time for Tea.

Friday, 24 February 2012

110 blocks

110 blocks completed

So the next step to lay them out.

This could take a time as if the

weather is good to-morrow I will

do some more gardening .

I have been listening to CD's

of 'The Help ' as I have been sewing

  trying to do two thing at once.

I will show you the garden next time as the snowdrops are in FULL flower

with a few crocus .

Thursday, 23 February 2012

started the Guernsey pictures

 I have made a start on the pictures and tried to up load them on to my blog a two days ago.

Every thing got STUCK now blogger tells me I have to blog from a different browser.

So back to the the thing in hand. I have stopped to look at where to go next.
A lot of work is still needed but in the mean time I am working on block for
another quilt patter from
shinersview blog.

This is the photo that I took last year that started me off.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Just a bit of fiddling

After going through my stash I found some  red satin

and the other bright blue/green/red fabric.

I then decided thy would make nice small clutch bag.

After doing the two clutch bags I then thought of the other bag.

I did not have a pattern so had to work it out as I went.

I think its O.K.

I have added hart button to divide for the outside pockets and to

attach the lining.

Next month See's the start of the Town Hall craft fairs so

I will have some new thing to show.

Well the snow has gone so no chance of snow dying

as I do not have any dyes.

I will have to get some in  for the next time.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Got there and back in one piece

I arrived home in one piece,it was down to -11 when I went.

The temperature in Norfolk was not as low as Lis had in


The market was poorly attended due to the weather I think.

I did manage to sell one of my bag's ( to another stallholder).

I have 2 days out sewing for Linus and a day with a friend..,

to-morrow I will do some for myself.

I have a problem with Flicker on my blog

so do try looking me up just on Flicker.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Off to Gt Hockham

I will be going to Gt Hockham Farmers and craft market to-morrow.

 I just hope the roads are not to ice as it is cross country for me.

  I will be disappointed if we do not get any visitors.


 We have just had our Town Hall Crafters New year lunch,

the group was smaller this year due to iillness and holidays.

We have new members joining this year with some interesting


I will close now to get packed up ready for an early start

in the morning.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

It arived on Q

Just as predicted this duly arrived last night. The bird tables are under cover
but still got a covering of snow.

There have been more birds then last week at the Big Bird Count.

My pond has been frozen all week so have been putting out water

ever day.


With the weather like this I am thank full of a BIG stash of fabric.

I will start looking through and see where I go with inspiration.

I look forward to looking at blogs from the southern hemisphere.

To see the Sunshine.

Keep safe till next time.