Friday, 25 January 2013

Snow Dyeing

              Having bought the dyes last year we had no more snow, so I was all ready this year.

                We had about 4" of snow so I did everything using instructions from " The Quilter "that had first
                         appeared in " Contemporary Quilt" 2010.

                                                     I sprinkled powered dye on the snow.

Then left the bucket in my garage until all the snow had melted, as I did not want any mishaps in the kitchen.

                            The proses has taken over a week but yesterday it was finally ready.

                            This was the result the colours are a bit brighter than the photo.

                                                     It was fun to see the end result.

We still have snow and last night there was a heave frost.More snow due to-day but with luck next week will be better.

I am spending to-day working on some samples for the Young Quilters.

Enjoy your week end crafting.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hear go's with a video

I hope this will work.

I have just remembered last year buying some dyes to try snow dying.

Having found them I will have a go.

First I have to make up soda and salt solutions and them get snow from a clean place.

So off to do that now.  

Dresses are finished

 Both the dresses are made to the same size pattern but I think the top one has turned out bigger.

The bag is an extra made from the left over fabric.I hope my granddaughter likes them.

Yesterday before the snow settled I went and spent time with M.C to work on the program for Norfolk Young Quilters.We now have a year planed. Later in the evening and over night we had about 3in of snow.
The forecast is it staying like this for the rest of the week.I am suppose to be going to a craft fair on Sunday but I think if it stays like this it will be cancelled.
   I am going to try and put a video on my next blog, so by for now.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Getting the sewing machine out

                                      Time to get the sewing machine out again.
                               The family have gone home and will not be back until Easter.
                                  When we all get together for my Mother's birthday.

I do my sewing and computing in my smallest bedroom so everything has to be put away.

The fabric above is a pale green ( photo dose not do justice ) I have enough fabric to make two dresses for my granddaughter .Thy will probably get made this week end.

                                                               Sew before Snow


We have a forecast of getting snow this week end,so I thought I would take some photos of the first flowers of the year before thy get covered. I do not clear the leaves as the black birds love to turn them over to find grubs to eat.


As you can see the flower are not open yet but look good anyway.Just a bright spot at the bottom of my garden.

                     I will get my lunch before sewing again.
                    Enjoy your week end what ever you are doing.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

The Carry Cot I made for my Granddaughter

My Granddaughter loves " bags and Baby's"so to combine both has given her great delight.

I had a lovely Christmas with all six of my family.Christmas dinner was at my mothers where the presents were opened.

The Children had lots of toys and clothes ,how thy fitted in the car to go back home I do not know.

Well Christmas is now back in the box for next year.

Now for the start of 2013

I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New year

Enjoy your Crafting