Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Open Studio's in Norfolk

 I have just spent a very inspiring day with Jane Clark at her studio.We first meet some 8yrs ago at an art course but lost touch until meeting again at a quilt show.Jane is now in her second studio, having outgrown the first. 

 Jane is very talented and works in mixed media and surprised us with the thing that can be used and applied  onto fabric.

  Below Jane is explaining how to use a crisp bag to make shrunk plastic .Which can then be painted.

This is a view of the out site of the studio where we then had our lunch.

             Jane has quite a large garden with lots of fruit and veg but tucked away was this lady.

                                   With a lovely Peony  covering her dignity.

                                                     It was a relay  good Thank's Jane.

                          You can see Jane's work at  www.quilterscottagenorfolk.blogspot.com
                                                    or   www.art2inspire.co.uk

Monday, 28 May 2012


I am going to Pensthorpe again this year,as we demonstrate I had to think what to do.

Having seen    Ferret  work on a quilt in hare camper van on a hand machine I have got out my daughters.

I have given it some oil and it works like a dream.

Off to Pensthorpe

It has not been used for about 30yrs be it still works and almost sings.

I have decided to make a rag bag as I can complete it without an iron .

There will by Jewellery by Leafy    and    Big Knit and myself

shearing  a stand .

Pensthorpe ,Norfolk
the show will be Saturday 2nd June and Sunday 3rd June

If you find your way there please stop by and say Hi.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Another Year Older

Wroxham Barns

This where a friend and I went on my Birthday  outing.

We started with coffee and a cheese scone then into

the shops.

As my stash a little short I just had to buy some batting and black fabric .

We them went into Wroxham  and had lunch by the river but had to sit inside

as it was a bit windy.


A view from my bedroom.

The sent just comes in when I have the patio doors open.

The sun has made them open now and thy look just stunning .


Diamond Jubilee

I have been working on this stained glass window

with a group from our library.

Others will be adding   to it and then it will be displayed

on one of the boards .

I found the velvet difficult as it was constantly

moving even with spray bast.

I am now of to enjoy the sunshine with a coffee

out side next to my Azaleas.

I hope the weather is good where you are.

Please leave a comment and I will get

back to you.  

Friday, 18 May 2012

A Red Hot Bag

Red Hot Chill's

After spending loads of money yesterday I decided to put the fabric

to use, as I had in mind the bag I wanted to make.

I did not win the  prize but the coach spent was over


there will be lot's of quilts made in the next year.

I am hoping the weather will be nice to-morrow so I can

get out  in the garden again as there are still some

weeds that need some attention.

Just hoping warmer weather is on its way.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

VW camper van

VW camper van.

I have just finished this tote bag.

The hand work I did at a fair on Saturday as it was a bit quite.

The design  is on both sides and I have put pockets on the inside.


Tomorrow I will be up bright and early  as our quilting group are off

on a supply's shopping trip.

I hope to come home with only what I really  need .

We have a competition to see how much money the coach has spent

It is quite a lot as we are on a 48 seat coach.

The winner gets money that then helps to pay for there supply's.

It is also a good time to catch up with people from some other



Sunday, 13 May 2012

In my garden

                            I thought I would show you what a lovely day we have had to-day 

                                        I have spent the morning catching up on the gardening.
The first of the fragrant Azaleas to open.

The Blue Bell's under the tree that is my grandson's den.

He might have to share with his little sister this year.

Just a few of the cowslips that have spreed around. 

This is a small apple tree my daughter passed to me when she went to
live in Guernsey.

just a few more Blue Bell's.

I am off making charity quilt's to-morrow and teaching

on Tuesday.

The class is putting in zips to make a pocket in a bag.

As the day is still bright and sunny I will put some washing on the line in the hope

That it will dry.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What I did on a wet Bank Holiday

A Tote bag with six pockets

This is one of the bags I made using the other fabric I got when I went into Norwich.

I have made two bags using different fabric and have put three pocket on the out side,

 one with a zip. There are three more pockets inside on the inside and a magnetic closure.

 I just thought the fabric was fun.

Just right for this weather ( rain but still hosepipe ban)

Monday, 7 May 2012

An order compleated

 I had an order for 3 bags placed after the red one was seen at our Town Hall craft fair.

The black fabric I found in town at" Susan's Work Basket " but I had to go in to

Norwich for the purple one.

Of course I came home with more fabric to use in other bags.

I will put them on my next blog.

This bag I made using some different orange fabric I had in my stash an just put a zip in the top.

Thy are now ready for Thursday,s Craft fair.
What did you do on your Bank Holiday?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Bevy of Bags

A bevy of Bags

I have just made three bag as I thought I needed some new ones.

These are inexpensive ones for  my next craft fair.

My next thing will be to finish off some quilts for  Linus.

My Granddaughter's 1st birthday card

Made by my other daughter  in Guernsey    ( she is on my blog list )

I will now go and get it in the post.