Sunday, 31 August 2014

Art Exhibition and Young Quiltrs

Well I have now finished. This a pattern from Lynne Edwards Book on Blanket stich Appliqué. It has turned out better than the photo .The Art exhibition is in Attleborough Town Hall ,Friday 5th /Saturday 6th/ Sunday 7th  September 10am till 4pm.There will be work from lots of local artist working in different mediums. Many for sale .
Yesterday was spent   with  10  Norfolk Young Quilters ,thy all worked very hard and as you can see some did not manage to finish. All the children are given work sheet to keep ( in there owl folders )so hopefully thy will get them finished .Just a little hand sewing on the binding should do the job.

The next class is making a Christmas Table centre . Before that  M.C. and I will spend a day cutting  and putting in to packs all the fabric needed, with full instructions . We are vary luck as we have money and fabric donated by individual  members of  the   Norfolk Quilters Guild . We also do fund raising by sell things we have made as samples of the children's workshops   .

The future is looking good for the next generation for Quilters.
Enjoy what you are doing .

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